Party Hairstyles for Every Gathering

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

Take the stress out of preparing for dinners and drinks this December. We turn to Ireland's own @grace_braider to bring you ideas on effortless glamour for any event in your diary.

A gifted stylist since her early teens; Grace started out taking care of her family. Moving from doing her sister's hair, to aunties and cousins, Grace's deft touch with braiding quickly saw her skills in demand.

Knowledge of her skills spread through word of mouth "people started contacting me and I would go to their houses and do their hair." she says, but being highly sought after wasn't without it's own challenges, as in 2016 she moved from Dublin to Waterford and gave up doing hair due to life circumstances. "I'd hear someone complain about hair or looking for a braider but I wouldn't speak up because I didn't want anything to do with hair." Grace put braiding on the back burner and tried other things until early this year, when Grace had a change of heart, "I decided to regain my passion and this time I realised that my heart is in braiding - other jobs I did never felt myself, or felt entirely happy,"

Now, having regained her passion and with a new fire in her belly, Grace and her business continue to grow from strength to strength.

"Throughout this journey, what keeps me going is the smiles I put on people's face, to me, it's more than just braids. Some people want to feel good, some are looking for confidence, some want a boost in their self-esteem."

"These are the cases I've encountered with some of my clients and, wherever I'm able to do that for them it makes me so happy. I feel like a superwoman, with the power to solve their problems and I want to do it over and over again to keep spreading that positivity into their lives."

So, what do you need to do to take this party season by storm? Grace breaks it down below:

Say No To Normal

"Normal is boring, make a dramatic entrance to the party with a half up, half down head full of perfectly satiny curls - because you are not an average Queen."

Show Face

"For this party season, keep your hair away from your freshly beat face, give your highlighter more room to shine and a pair of earrings will have you ready to break necks!"

Embrace a Classic

"Braids are a forever classic, how about you give it a twist? Be the life of the party with this half up half down hairstyle."

These are styles to whet the appetite for exploration, but it's important to remember your hair needs maintenance between visits to your favourite stylist,

"I always say keep your hair moisturised," Grace says simply, "yes braids are a protective style but my advice is to keep you hair moisturised while under the braids. All you need is a spray bottle, water and any essential oil of your preference. A few drops in the bottle, give it a shake, a couple of sprays daily or at night is going to enhance your hair protection, remember to take care of your hair!"

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