Managing Your Customer Flow Over the Party Season

Christmas and New Year's are often the biggest celebrations of the year, for hair & beauty business owners however, they are also the busiest. Whether you're a mobile stylist or salon owner, December can be a great month for picking up new customers and making that extra coin.

But running a business - whatever size - is no game. So, to help you get through we've put together a quick checklist to keep you in command, and your customers coming back.


Your business booking system is the holy grail and if you work alone or part of a team, using the right booking software is paramount. Beat the stress of staying on top of requests by selecting a system that works for you, and there are plenty to choose from.

Some let you create members clubs for a special touch for your regulars, while others let you send appointment reminders automatically to your customers taking the pressure off your admin.

Take your time in selecting the system that works for your business needs.

If your business is new, or you are a mobile stylist looking to maximise your earnings make use of free tools like Gmail's email reminders and make technology work for you. Both Siri & Google's assistant can schedule calendar reminders, send emails and help you keep track of your schedule. Best of all both Siri & Google Assistant are free inside your phone!

It's OK to Say NO!

Running a new business or maintaining your regulars can make turning down requests feel taboo

but there is much to be gained from setting boundaries and sticking to them.

Carve out your rest days and use them! This means taking time to maintain your life, your health & indulging other passions. If a full day is not realistic try an afternoon or a morning, but be sure to stick to your guns and turn down latecomers when you are at capacity. Down time is essential to keeping you on top form, so avoid the trap of saying yes to every request and burning out your passion.

Preparation Is Everything

Make sure to have clear guidelines for new customers who want to book with you. Prep your braid hair on braid hooks before appointments and ask your customers to share their wigs for prep prior to the appointment.

Only take on what you can handle, fight the urge to try and do it all, take time out and watch the coins take care of themselves.

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