Black Afro Caribbean Salons Trends Dominating 2019

Salon trends are always evolving. Here at Club Melanin, we want to ensure our community has the latest tea on what’s up.

Naturalistas are taking over

Have you spotted some of our favourite instagram natural hair enthusiasts serving us the best tips and products advice to grow and maintain our hair? Some of our favourites include:

Synthetic Afros

If keeping it natural is proving too time consuming for your daily routine, why not consider going synthetic. The Radswan line run by UK-based fashion blogger and confidence coach Freddie Harrel helps you do just that.

What better than a cute, soft afro that looks just like your natural hair, but with none of your natural struggles with upkeep.

Keep the chemicals out and the goodness in

After working so hard to keep our hair on fleek, there is nothing better to ruin it than chemical ladened hair products. The naturally sourced ingredients movement for hair products is growing at pace with our favourite brands focusing on ensuring that our hair is looked after in the best of ways.

Afrocentrix is just one fresh example of natural taking care of natural. 

Salon (and Side Hustle) Tech

Whether you're an established salon, or a newly starting our hustle queen, Salon Tech is the your go to baseline. Once you've got your instagram going with at least a few snapshots, you want to have a way to let your would be and current customers book your services. Gone are the days where you have to rely on whatsapp and your dated planner to manage your appointment. Use simple and FREE tech like Club Melanin to ensure you're providing your customers an easy way to book you, and yourself an easier way to manage appointments. Sign up to be the first to use it when it launches Winter '19 by hitting the subscribe button below.

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