Manage your side hustle like a pro

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

Are you early on in your hair and make up side hustle and looking for some tips? Look no further - we’ve collated great advice from some of our favourite hair and make up side hustle queens below

Avoid Unnecessary Expenses

Don’t get gassed. It can be really exciting when starting and growing your side hustle to invest in a tonne of expensive tools and materials to use. We know a certain individual who spent over £200 on a mini portable studio to take pictures of her wigs before she’d sold her first one. Don’t get ahead of yourself with studio time, fancy products or marketing. Start small, make your first sale and build from there.

Cost Effective Marketing

We shouldn’t need to tell you this, but cost effective marketing is your best friend. Start with your instagram. Make sure your followers are engaged. Create great content that people want to see more of. Use video. Instagram’s algorithms are biased towards video content, so get some movement in your hair and make up shots. Also use client advocacy. Have you slayed your clients hair? Get them to take a video of them working it and share on their own channels (make sure they tag you too). Interested in a way of getting your clients and followers to engage with your content more - check out this handy video below on just that.

Cheap and Cheerful Afro Tech

Manage your side hustle with some great free tech that lets you keep on top of the fruits of your labour from your cost effective marketing. Now that people know who you are and what you do, they’ll want to book your services. Ain’t nobody got time to be scraping through all of their DMs for bookings. Invest (for free) into an Afro Tech Solution like Club Melanin which gives you the ability to take bookings, payments and manage your calendar. 

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