Hair Care for the Winter Months

Drier air through colder months means your hair care routine will need some adaptation. Dry scalp and hair breakage can throw your hair journey out of wack if no extra care is taken with your tresses through colder climates. So, this week we're breaking down the three essential tips to help you #banishthebreakage and keep your curls in check until Spring.

Water Water Water

Water retention is key during drier, colder months. Water is key for your diet and for moisturising your hair. Eating water rich vegetables, like lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers will help you retain water in your diet throughout the day and drinking more water is another simple way to retain water. Drinking eight glasses a day (about 2 Litres or a half gallon) is recommended for flushing toxins and adding shine.

When moisturising your hair, focus on products where water is one of the primary ingredients. Did you know that product labels list their ingredients in the order of quantity? The earlier you see that good ol' H20 in the product list, the more water is present! Look for products where water is ingredient 1, 2 or 3.

Seal Seal Seal

Sealing moisture in your hair is another essential tip for winter-proofing your hair. And this can be done a few ways but the two most recommended are first, the LOC and LCO Methods. Both methods are simple ways to remember the steps in your application process.

Natural oils are another must, Jamaican Castor Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil or Shea Butter don't provide moisture (this is a common misconception) they instead act as sealants, allowing you to retain moisture from liquid or cream products.

What does this mean simply?

Water - adds moisture

Oils - seal it in

Our top tip: don't moisturise with oil, sis!

Wrap Wrap Wrap

Wrapping your hair during winter months is a no brainer, whether you want to pamper your hair with a deep conditioning treatment or tuck your edges into a silk headscarf at night, wrapping your hair means protection. Wrapping your hair at night also helps to keep your locks moist and of course, protective styles offer another barrier in the fight to keep moisture in from root to tip.

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