7 key tips and tricks for wearing lace frontals

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Have you been paying attention to the #slaygame on instagram and ready to try your first lace frontal? Want to get one step ahead and learn the worst mistakes to avoid? We've got you.

Make sure your hair is as flat as possible before putting on your lace frontal.

The flatter your canerows, the flatter your frontal will be and the more natural it will look. Flatten your hair by putting it into canerows or flat twists and place a wig cap on top to smoothen it out. If you have natural hair, this step is especially important in order to flatten down the volume of texture your hair provides.

Invest in a good quality thin lace frontal.

Your hair is only as good as the lace underneath it. Periodt. Invest in good quality lace to get the foundations ready for a truly good melt. Reduce the amount of shedding by investing in the highest quality lace and hair bundles.

Bleach your knots.

Dark knots are not your friend hunny. Bleaching your knots helps the appearance that the hair is growing straight out of your head and not out of the frontal, wig cap, and cornrows that it truly is. Don't skip this step, it really helps with the natural look!

Pluck your lace frontals

Wigs aren't always born with that natural hair line. It takes time and a little work to get your frontal looking as natural and flawless as possible. Invest your time and effort into a good tweezer to pluck the front hairline of your frontal. Our advice here is to first take a look at your own hairline. Notice that the hairs at the front are fewer and further apart and only get denser as you get further away from your hairline. Replicate this in your frontal.

Cut your lace in a jagged line (never straight!).

You are not a barbie doll and your hair, whilst it may be synthetic, should not suffer the same misdoings as the hair of an inanimate doll who can't do her own hair.

When styling, cutting your lace in a jagged line enables you to remove the artificialness of a semicircle. No one's hair line is a perfect semicircle.

Your melt can only be achieved by laying your hairline down with a hair tie.

Secure any any fly away strands, baby hair and edges down with a strong adhesive or Wig Fix. Tie your hair down to achieve your desired blend from lace frontal to your natural hairline. Your hair tie can be made of any material but we recommend leaving it on for at least 15 mins before removing. This allows the glue / hold enough time to dry and fully secure your frontal down.

You're ready sis, style your hair and wear your lace with pride!

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